Meet Tim…BAM!!

I absolutely love sharing success stories with the PBJ Family.  It puts a HUGE smile on my face, and warms my heart to see so many PBJ’s gaining their health and life back, by living a Plant-Based lifestyle.  I have heard it mentioned regarding this lifestyle, “Results are typical”.  

That statement is NO JOKE.  

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring, motivating PBJ’s, everyday.  I will continue to share more and more amazing success stories with you, as long as you will let me.  Does anyone else get excited, motivated, and inspired by reading these testimonials?  Or am I the only one?   

I am thrilled to share a fellow PBJ’s testimony with you today.  Thank you Tim, for sharing your ups and downs with the PBJ family, and for putting yourself out there, in hopes to help one more person.

Meet Tim:

I am living proof of what a plant-based diet can do for your health. There’s no arguing fact. I was on a diet of primarily meat and animal products and it literally almost killed me. I was turning yellow and didn’t know why. Liver failure due to unused proteins. Also my overall health didn’t improve. Instead I lost weight but I also lost muscle mass and developed other health problems. Also there is the invisible causes of death that were present such as heart disease and cancer development that were an issue.


The one best single thing I’ve ever done for my health is to change my diet to whole foods plant-based. I don’t understand why people seem to want to fight against good health. Such negative strong reactions to a positive and harmless message. Maybe it’s caused from their addictions to meat and animal products and processed foods. Or guilt in having to face up to the fact that they are making informed decisions to pursue their poor choices and not being able to hide behind ignorance. If we would only shut up they wouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable.


In the beginning I was a dyed in the wool meat-eater who thought that vegans were a bunch of liberal wackos. It’s not about being a vegan. It’s about being healthy. I had some health issues but did not relate them to my diet. I decided I was getting too fat and wanted to lose some weight. My son had been on Atkins before and lost weight so after trying Weight Watchers with my wife and having no success I thought I would try Atkins. I lost some weight on Atkins and thought I was doing okay. Their plan tied into my meat-eating habits rather nicely. (I always had the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that eating all that animal fat and bacon was going to clog my arteries because I already had a stent in one of my arteries and was diagnosed with heart disease.)


Then one day I noticed myself turning a yellowish color in my skin. I also had a hard time after working out, in my recovery, and my muscle ache was constant. It just seemed like it would not go away. I still did not relate this to my diet. I, like so many others, decided to consult Dr. Internet with my symptoms to try to see what was wrong. With just googling my symptoms, I started getting all kinds of information popping up on low carbohydrate high protein diets and how they can cause all the symptoms that I was experiencing. Basically it said I was stressing my liver to the point of failing. Thus the yellow skin tone muscle ache and fatigue.


My wife has been training with a plant-based trainer for quite some time and had mentioned that he was a plant-based eater and preached it religiously. At the time I figured he was just a nut. It wasn’t that I was stubborn it was just that I was uneducated. She was also in contact with a plant-based nutritionist through the newspaper named Cyd Notter. She suggested we make an appointment and just go to hear what she had to say. I am not afraid of learning new things so I was okay with it. After talking with her, a lot of what she said made sense. She sent us home letting us borrow the video” forks over knives”.


Watching that video pissed me off. It opened my eyes to the hog washing that I had been subjected to all through my life just for someone else’s profit. I immediately bought copies of that movie and the adjoining literature and cookbooks and sent a package to each of my kids. I felt it was my duty as their father to let them know what I had learned.  Unfortunately they like so many others refused to respond because they are too comfortable in their standard American diet. :( ever since that time my wife and I have been 100% whole foods plant-based in our eating. We can’t be happier.


Prior to my diet I suffered from high blood pressure, reactive hypoglycemia, acid reflux, plantars fasciitis, heart disease, arthritis, incessant back issues digestive problems high cholesterol, being overweight, and a general feeling of poor health. As per my doctors orders I took eight medications to try to fix it. Nothing worked. Now I am cured of all of the above.

  • I take no medications.
  • I am the same weight and waist size as I was as a senior in high school.
  • My energy levels have increased.
  • My pain is way lessened. my back issues have almost entirely ceased.
  • My arthritis has stopped.
  • And my general sense of well-being and feeling of health are off the charts.


Did I say BAM?…………BAM!


Funny what an open mind and a little bit of research can do for a guy. I guess that’s why I try to spread the info as much as I do. Hopefully it catches on with someone else.


Thank you Tim, for sharing your story with the PBJ Family.  We could not be MORE proud of you.  Keep inspiring, and sharing your BAM! with the world.  

We are grateful to have you in our small little family :)



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